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5 Tips to Enrich your Practice’s & Revenue Cycle Partner Relationship 

Your revenue cycle is critically important for the success of your practice. Just as providers and healthcare professionals specialize in care, your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) should be handled by professionals in the industry. Counting on a trusted RCM partner can help your practice streamline processes, increase efficiency, improve patient experience, and reduce operating costs. 

Your practice and your RCM partner are striving for the same thing: the success of your practice. Your business and your partner need to work together as a team. Reinforcing this partnership can help you identify areas of opportunity in your practice, stay on top of industry updates, increase revenue, and move along the path to success. 

Here are five tips you can implement to enrich your practice and revenue cycle partner relationship:  

1. Improve communication with your revenue cycle partner 

Communication is what drives everything. Identify the best way to meet with your RCM partner contact and establish frequent communication lines with them and the rest of the team. Enhancing vias of communication to stay in touch can help you identify problems as soon as they emerge, so you can work together and implement strategies to fix them before it is too late. 

2. Build mutual respect  

Providers and RCM partners are specialists in their respective areas. Each brings expertise to the table to achieve the practice’s goals. Identify what they do and what they have to offer. Make the best out of this partnership. Your practice and RCM partner can combine expertise to identify what works best to optimize your processes and increase revenue. 

3. Align goals  

Everyone in your organization should know what the practice is trying to accomplish and the goals. These goals should be taken as own by your RCM partner. The purpose of providers is to help patients. Your RCM partner can relieve you from the administrative burden to focus on what matters most: patients. It is a win-win relationship. 

4. Have a learning attitude  

Open your mind to innovative ideas and new possibilities in your practice. Your RCM partner is there to help your practice. Learn as much as possible from them to improve your processes and optimize reimbursement. This learning and positive approach can make you and your practice go a long way. Trust your partner on their initiatives and projects to improve your revenue cycle.  

5. Choose a revenue cycle partner you can trust  

Your RCM partner can either help your practice be ready for success or set it to fail. So, choose wisely. Here are some considerations you can have when selecting your RCM partner:   

  • Ensure your RCM partner proves their experience and background in managing the revenue cycle flawlessly for their clients. 
  • Look for effective and timely denial management skills to enhance revenue and speed up payments. 
  • Hire an RCM partner who can keep you updated on the latest technology trends to smooth your processes and automate workflows.  
  • Determine if the RCM partner provides practice optimization guidelines to ensure all aspects of your practice work smoothly and efficiently. 

For more things you need to consider when choosing the best RCM partner for your practice, read our blog A Four-Point Checklist for Choosing your RCM Partner

Learn more about how to choose the best RCM partner for your practice and how to enhance your partnership. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Our team will set up a meeting to discuss how Health Prime can maximize your revenue by cutting costs, saving you time, and collecting more!  

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