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5 strategies to schedule your medical practice appointments effectively
Learn some techniques to schedule your patients´ appointments properly to enhance cashflow, improve your staff´s wellbeing and the overall patient experience.
A Four-Point Checklist for Choosing your RCM Partner
Get insight on some aspects you need to consider to find the right RCM partner to improve your medical practice, relieve your administrative burden, and make sure you get paid for your work.
4 reasons to outsource your prior authorizations process
Outsourcing your prior authorizations process can help you reduce denials, save time and money, minimize data errors, and improve patient care.
How to make sure your Business Associates are HIPAA Compliant
Covered Entities (CE) and their Business Associates (BA) must comply to HIPAA policies to ensure protection to health data from patients. Read more about how you can ensure your BA are HIPAA Compliant to protect your patients and your practice.
Treating depression: A good mix is the best medicine
Alternative treatments in the mind-body space are shown to improve outcomes for those with depression. Read more about natural and therapy-based approaches that can help boost the benefits of medication.
4 reasons why you should train your staff to improve your practice
Investing in training your staff is investing in your medical practice. Non-medical staff are the first point of contact for your patients and the core of your practice´s daily processes. Here are some reasons why training your staff is important for your businesse´s wellbeing.
What is your administrative burden costing you?
Identify the root causes behind your administrative burden and address them to relieve your staff an focus on what matters most: patients.
Get your medical practice ready for 2022 – Part 3: Set up goals for the New Year
Implement SMART goals, identify challenges, and run reports to track your progress throughout the year to get your practice ready to succeed.
Get your medical practice ready for 2022 Part 2: Create a plan for bad debt and keep your credit balances in check
Understand when to let go of the old Accounts Receivable (AR), create a plan for bad debt and keep your credit balances in check to set your practice for success. 
Get your medical practice ready for 2022 Part 1: Which End of the Year Reports should I run?
Understand which End of Year (EoY) reports you need to run to identifyareas of improvement, implement best practices, and get your practice ready to succeed.