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Be organized at your front desk to improve processes & increase revenue
Learn some strategies to stay organized at your front desk, increase revenue, optimize your workflows, and enhance the overall patient experience.
Schedule Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) in your practice to increase revenue and improve patient care 
Maximize patient and practice benefits by setting Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). AWV can help you decrease overall costs, increase practice revenue, and enhance good patient care.
Top 5 Coding Questions to Ask your Medical Billing Partner 
Medical coding is one of the most critical components of your billing process. Learn five questions you should ask your billing department or medical billing partner to ensure cleaner claims, maximum reimbursement, and lower compliance risk.
5 Tips on How to Ask for Payments at the Front Desk 
Collecting payments from patients has never been easy. Learn five strategies your front desk can implement to improve how they ask for money, increase revenue, and collect more! 
Why you Should Partner with an RCM Service Provider that is System-Agnostic
A system-agnostic partner can help you avoid complications in your practices´ workflows, stabilize your processes, and ensure reimbursement continuity.
Implement Chronic Care Management (CCM) to boost patient care & profitability in your practice 
Chronic Care Management (CCM) can bring benefits for your patients and your practice. Learn more about how you can implement CCM and make it easy-to-adopt and profitable for your business.
Implement RPM with Behavioral Health Patients to Improve Patient Care & Add a New Revenue Source
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) works as an extension to your practice that can help you monitor your patients continuously, improve patient outcomes, grow your practice profitability and more.
4 reasons why outsourcing your transcription services is essential to your practice
Hiring a trusted partner can help you reduce provider burnout, improve patient satisfaction, save time and money, and improve quality.
Why your patients´experience is key to improve your RCM
Rethinking your RCM from the outside is necessary, and you must do so with the voices of those who engage in the process every day: patients.
5 strategies to schedule your medical practice appointments effectively
Learn some techniques to schedule your patients´ appointments properly to enhance cashflow, improve your staff´s wellbeing and the overall patient experience.