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CMS concludes CHOPD program for Medicare providers impacted by cyberattack
CMS ends the CHOPD program for Medicare providers impacted by a cyberattack, urging enhanced cybersecurity measures. Learn more about these changes.
CMS updated the E/M Services guide, including previous years changes 
Learn about the CMS E/M Services guide updates impacting healthcare billing practices.
States Expanded 2022 Medicaid Telehealth Services for Behavioral Health, according to a Recent Report 
The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) released two new reports regarding Medicaid programs and the expansion of telehealth for behavioral health services.  
“Pandemic is Over Act” Seeks to Oficially End the Public Health Emergency (PHE) 
Rep. Guthrie and other House Republicans introduced legislation to end the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE).  
Healthcare spending grew 2.7% to reach $4.3 trillion in 2021 
According to a Health Affairs study, healthcare spending in 2021 was slower than in 2020, with a 2.7% increase percent. 
Telehealth has not Led to Over-utilization of Primary Care, according to a Recent Study 
According to a recent study, telehealth reduces primary care spending, as it has been associated with lower department utilization and inpatient hospitalizations.  
Physician pay is changing with increases and decreases in certain specialties this 2022 
According to a recent report, Interventional cardiologists saw the biggest pay drop this year while OB-GYN saw the biggest pay increase.
CMS looking to get more ACA plans into value-based care arrangements 
CMS officials are pushing to align quality standards across government programs to spur greater investment in value-based care.  
Lawmakers are Pressing CMS to Expand Coverage of Substance Use Disorders and Close Gaps in Care
Lawmakers called for the institution to use existing authority and new funding to expand Medicare coverage for these disorders.
MGMA Released their Annual Regulatory Burden Report Showing Extreme Burdens for Physician Practices 
The MGMA report highlighted the ongoing burden associated with prior authorization and the good faith estimates included in the No Surprises Act.