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Implement RPM with Behavioral Health Patients to Improve Patient Care & Add a New Revenue Source
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) works as an extension to your practice that can help you monitor your patients continuously, improve patient outcomes, grow your practice profitability and more.
AHA pressed CMS to rethink proposed inpatient payment rates
A new CMS proposed inpatient payment rates for the fiscal year 2023 would result in a net decrease in hospital payments compared to this year.
HHS renewed COVID-19 public health emergency for 90 days
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) renewed the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) declaration for another 90 days going effective July 15, 2022.
4 reasons why outsourcing your transcription services is essential to your practice
Hiring a trusted partner can help you reduce provider burnout, improve patient satisfaction, save time and money, and improve quality.
Why your patients´experience is key to improve your RCM
Rethinking your RCM from the outside is necessary, and you must do so with the voices of those who engage in the process every day: patients.
AMA released a new recovery plan to support physicians
The AMA´s “Recovery Plan for America´s Physicians” includes fixing prior authorization, reforming Medicare payment, support telehealth, and more.
HHS issued a new HIPAA guidance on audio-only telehealth visits
Read about this HIPAA guidance for audio-only telehealth visits and how you can comply with the HIPAA Rules when providing these services.
5 strategies to schedule your medical practice appointments effectively
Learn some techniques to schedule your patients´ appointments properly to enhance cashflow, improve your staff´s wellbeing and the overall patient experience.
A Four-Point Checklist for Choosing your RCM Partner
Get insight on some aspects you need to consider to find the right RCM partner to improve your medical practice, relieve your administrative burden, and make sure you get paid for your work.
Hospitals´ per patient labor expenses up 37% from 2019 to Q1 2022
Nationally, hospital labor expenses increased by more than one-third from pre-pandemic levels, according to a Kaufman Hall recent report. Between 2019 and March 2022, the median labor expense per adjusted discharge rose from $4,009 to $5,494.