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How to market your medical practice
We will discuss some marketing strategies for your medical practice. We will go over tips and tricks about digital marketing campaigns, inbound marketing, and more. Join us and hear about some ways to market your business that will help you grow and succeed.
Best Practices: Part 3 – For the Back Office
We review best practices for the back office and go over some topics that can assist your practice in improving the bottom line such as contract management, collections, claim follow-up and more. We also talk about the benefits of a communication with your front office and billers and solutions that allow Health Prime to assist you.
Best Practices: Part 2 – For the Front Desk
In this webinar we provide a valuable reminder of the importance of the front desk staff’s role in your medical practice. We also review important front desk functions and go over some helpful tips to help your practice stay successful.
Best Practices: Part One – For the Medical Practice
We discuss some best practices for running a medical practice including some tips and tricks to use with staffing, patients, security and more. Learn about some ways to market your business that will help you grow and succeed.
Health Prime Datalytics: The RCM platform you need to know about
Get an insight on Health Prime Datalytics 3.0, the revenue cycle management analysis platform that works with your existing EMR. In this webinar, we do an overview on how it can help you improve the way you run your medical practice focusing on changes that will help you reduce expenses and improve your medical billing collection. Gain transparency into your processes and full visibility into your key performance metrics.
2021 EM Coding Changes
In this webinar, you will get insights on: How to do proper revisions for evaluation and management codes, How to determine the correct level and what components are required for patient visits and proper level of coding, Code removals, Prolonged services, and Add on codes. Many changes are coming to 2021 so be prepared.
COVID-19 Getting Paid for non-face-to-face and telehealth visits
Review with us how to bill and get reimbursement for non-face-to-face visits during COVID -19. Learn more about Telehealth, phone visits, controlled substance visits and other important types of service visits covered during a public health emergency such as COVID.