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3 benefits of seeing one more patient per day   
Explore the benefits of seeing one more patient daily – boost revenue, reinvest, and enhance patient access.
Why is it important to have AI transparency in your practice? 
Discover why Artificial Intelligence (AI) transparency is critical for trust, decision-making, and seamless integration in your medical practice.
7 key components to improve your patient collections 
Boost your medical practice’s revenue with these 7 key components for optimal patient collections.
Three takeaways to choose the right business intelligence platform for your practice 
Discover how to choose the perfect business intelligence platform for your healthcare practice. Unlock insights, improve efficiency, and boost revenue. 
Five healthcare trends to watch for in 2024 
Explore 2024 healthcare trends with Health Prime—telemedicine, AI billing, patient engagement, value-based care, and cybersecurity. Optimize, engage, and safeguard for a successful year! 
Understanding the 2024 CMS Physician Fee Schedule: Key Information 
The 2024 CMS Physician Fee Schedule brings changes, from payment updates to telehealth services.
Get ready for CPT codes changes in 2024 
Explore the 2024 CPT updates, including streamlined COVID-19 immunization coding, new RSV prevention codes, clarified E/M services, and Spanish language descriptors. 
Optimize your Revenue Cycle Management for the New Year 
Gear up for 2024 with Health Prime’s RCM strategies for optimized revenue and financial success in your medical practice.
Review your contract negotiations and payer agreements for 2024
Set your medical practice up for success in the New Year! Explore the importance of reviewing your contract negotiations and payer agreements.
Top 5 considerations to evaluate a medical billing partner for the New Year 
Elevate your practice for the New Year. Discover five critical considerations for choosing a top-tier medical billing partner.