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Healthcare-focused IT: Why is it the best option for your medical practice? 

Medical practices’ IT, technology, and data security requirements differ significantly from other businesses. From interfaces to labs, devices, and medical equipment to medical records data retention laws – it is critical to partner with an IT company specializing in the healthcare industry.   

In healthcare, ensuring that your IT partner deeply complies with HIPAA requirements is not just essential—it’s a legal obligation. This includes understanding the nuances of the business associate (BA) relationship. Your IT vendor should also be well-versed in providing technical assistance to help you complete your annual HIPAA security risk assessment.  

In addition, your IT partner must understand the responsibilities entailed with overseeing devices and equipment that interact with and store Personal Health Information (PHI). Your patient’s safety, including electronic health records (EHR) and other confidential data, is crucial.   

Healthcare-focused IT partner comprehensive services   

1. Network installation, security, and configuration

Your practice can save valuable time and money by having specialized healthcare IT consultants designing and installing your network. They can also give you recommendations and best practices for your workstations, servers, wireless networking, and other equipment. This will ensure hardware and software compatibility with your practice management and EHR system.   

2. Cybersecurity

Ensuring the integrity and security of patient data is critical. Therefore, a healthcare-specialized IT partner can ensure your system’s safety from internal and external intruders. Our Health Prime’s state-of-the-art data center is among the country’s best and most secure.   

3. Software interfaces

A healthcare-focused IT partner can develop and install clinical and lab interfaces depending on your practice’s needs. They can also help you resolve application interoperability issues your practice might face. Our Health Prime team has developed custom software for medical organizations for 20 years.   

4. Backup procedures

If your practice is hosting its software in a client/server environment, adhering to a planned backup and disaster recovery plan is essential. If you outsource your IT, the firm must be aware of HIPAA regulations regarding the security protocols for PHI. Ideally, your partner should specialize only in the healthcare industry.   

5. EHR hosting

Having your EHR hosting with a healthcare-focused IT partner can optimize your delivery for peak performance, speed, and security. They can also provide you with a strong track record in troubleshooting issues that might arise from the software side and the back end.  

Entrusting your practice’s IT needs to a firm without deep expertise in healthcare can expose you to significant risks. This is due to the constantly changing regulatory, data retention, HIPAA, security, and privacy laws. 

General-industry IT outsourcing firms may not be aware of data retention laws for medical practices. Also, they may not be as diligent in developing or maintaining the rigorous backup processes required in a healthcare environment.  

On the other hand, counting on a healthcare-focused IT partner can help your practice:

  • Stay up to date and comply with industry regulations
  • Enhance your processes
  • Protect your patient’s information 

Learn more about the benefits of counting on a healthcare-focused IT partner in our whitepaper Healthcare-focused IT: Why is it the best option for your medical practice?

At Health Prime, we can help!   

Health Prime is a full-service IT support company for medical offices nationwide. Healthcare is all we do, and it is our 100% organizational focus. We deliver managed IT services aligned with the best practices required for the nuances of supporting a medical practice.   

Unlike standard IT Service companies, Health Prime Managed IT Services have been tailored to medical practices like yours. With 20 years of experience delivering technology and revenue cycle management (RCM) services to thousands of providers, we know and understand the complex needs of a physician practice in the healthcare industry.     

For more information on managing your IT services with a healthcare-focused approach, email us at [email protected]. Our team will schedule a meeting to discuss how Health Prime can optimize your workflows by cutting costs and saving you time!   

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