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Health Prime delivers efficiency in the front and back offices. Our solutions and team of experts monitor and address all the gaps that lead to lost reimbursement, revenue, and time. So, you’ll get paid more and faster and have more time with your patients.

Health Care Practice analytics platform
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Move beyond the standard “out-of-the-box” revenue cycle management service, with a solution designed by physicians. Alleviate the administrative burdens and streamline complex revenue cycle processes.

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Gain more transparency and features to improve your revenue cycle and the financial health of your practice with our data analytics platform. Eliminate surprises and have a clear view of every step in the process.

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Practice Optimization

Take your practice to the next level by improving your financial and operational performance. We're physicians working for physicians, so we know specifics on how you can improve your practice.

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Quality-controlled transcription solution offering health care organizations the most valuable resource, time. Chart the way you want and reduce costs by transcribing directly into EHR templates with expedited services.

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Let us help you get back to what is important.

Make Value-Based Care Work For You

Keeping patients healthy through value-based care is the best antidote to skyrocketing health care costs. But optimizing the financial incentives to manage your patients’ health proactively is complicated.

Where do you start? Who do you hire? How does it all work and how much will it cost before you see results? Health Prime’s VALUE-BASED CARE CENTER will help you make sense of the questions and move forward with the answers. Let our experts focus on what they do best, so you can get back to what matters most—your patients and your life.

Focus on Patients, not Paperwork

Physicians are the most expensive resources in a medical practice. So, when your EHR system throttles their productivity down to a crawl and replaces patient encounters with data entry exercises, it’s bad for patients and the financial health of your business.

It doesn’t matter which EHR system you use or what your preferred method of documentation is, Health Prime allows you to see more patients and capture all the necessary information to satisfy clinical, financial and regulatory needs. Plus, our customization allows you the flexibility to do what works best for your practice.

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