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Remote patient care informed by real-time data

Between care events, patients struggle to navigate scary symptoms and reach their care team. With easy-to-use, home-based technology and monitoring, patients feel empowered and supported in their care plans.

Remote patient monitoring delivers:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Quicker access to care
  • New revenue source

Remote Patient Monitoring By the Numbers

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reductions in hospital readmissions

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Providers report improved care plan adherence

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lucrative Medicare managed-care program

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Managed Remote Patient Monitoring

  • No added burden on your practice
  • Devices are easy-to-use, senior-friendly
  • One-of-a-kind PatientHub collects patient responses
  • Our clinicians monitor patient data and alert your team
  • Our revenue experts secure your monthly reimbursements

RPM in Specialties

Chronic Care Management

CCM and RPM are complimentary patient programs. With nearly 50% of adults experiencing 2 or more chronic conditions, RPM encourages patients’ sense of responsibility for their health and improves care plan adherence. Our clinical team can detect early events to reduce ER visits and hospital readmissions.


Hypertension, CHF, Obesity Research has shown remote monitoring has contributed to reduced blood pressure. Leveraging RPM can support improved care of hypertension management, medication titration, and monitor lifestyle and weight factors.


COPD & Asthma RPM study demonstrated 39% reduction in breathing events requiring medication (SABA events) and 12% improvement in symptom free days.

Behavioral Health

Mental Illness Detect vital sign changes signaling early mental health episodes or medication interactions and side effects.


Diabetes Management Impact HbA1C with glucose monitoring and supportive diet and exercise programs


High-risk pregnancy Expand access to care for high-risk patients. Monitor changes in weight and vitals between visits for early event detection.

Leverage Medicare’s most lucrative revenue source!

  • $1,100 annual recurring revenue per patient
  • Four billable CPT codes (99454, 99457, 99453, 99458)
  • Reimbursed by Medicare
  • No added billing or administrative workload for staff
  • Complements Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program

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