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A Three-Point Checklist for choosing your Technology Solutions Partner

Get an insight on some aspects you need to consider to find the right Technology Solutions Partner to improve your medical practice, relieve administrative burdens and make sure you get paid for your work.

Providers don’t go into health care because they want to manage time-consuming administrative tasks. Nor do they want to unravel the financial mysteries of achieving the highest margins in today’s world of health care value over volume. That is why, amid evolving delivery models and complex government regulations, it’s important to find partners who do that work for you. 

According to an American Medical Association (AMA) research, more physicians than ever recognize digital health tools as an advantage for driving improved efficiency and safety in health care. 

Freeing up provider time to focus on delivering the optimal patient experience means engaging the right experts to take on administrative burdens. But choosing the right solutions partner can be as complicated as navigating an evolving health care marketplace. 

Fortunately, it can also be a positive game-changer for you, your patients, and the financial health of your business. Here’s a checklist of considerations to help you guide your search and end up with the right technology solutions partner for your medical practice:

1. Consider your main requirements 

The first step in the selection process is to assess your requirements: you should identify high-priority needs and the features and services that will meet those needs. 

Comprehensive solutions and broader expertise from a single technology vendor make good sense if your needs extend beyond just billing software. Significant cost and administrative efficiencies come when technology solutions are integrated and partner expertise is broad. 

A holistic approach to technology solutions, such as integrated revenue management and practice optimization, reduces administrative burdens and streamlines processes. These efficiencies improve the quality of life for physicians, reduce burnout, and enhance the overall health care experience.

2. Look for technology and health care expertise

Trust is essential–Ask for references from prospective technology partners. Understand and assess not only expertise, but also depth of experience. What do their current engagements involve and are they prepared to address wide-ranging challenges?

Consider the importance of working with experts who not only bring technology know-how, but also practical, first-hand health care expertise. This will mean high standards in the areas of security and patient-provider confidentiality. 

Created by physicians for physicians, Health Prime makes technology a solution, not a problem. HP holistic approach delivers on a promise to improve the well-being of physicians, patients, and health care practices – all to save physicians time. 

3. Don’t think Out-of-the-Box

Contrary to what people usually say, try no to think out-of-the-box. Single platform solutions often won’t meet the specific needs of your practice. Maximized profitability often requires a variety of customizable solutions and services. 

Your practice will benefit from a partner that is not only an expert advisor, but also acts as your workflow and compliance gatekeeper delivering insights to address the unique challenges of your practice. 

Does the nature of your practice require technology-enabled solutions that fully integrate with your existing software systems to assist in addressing unique business challenges? Then, there is significant advantage to a technology solutions provider that is system-agnostic and will deliver a customized approach that out-of-box software can’t.

Engaging the best technology solutions partner for your organization is more than a matter of healthy business efficiencies. For organizations operating in today’s complex health care economy, smart choices can be a lifeline. So, take the time to choose wisely.  

To recapitulate, the key points to find the right Technology Solutions partner for you and your practice are:

  • Understand your high-priority needs and how your partner can help you satisfy those needs. 
  • Look for a technology expert with health care expertise. 
  • Consider customizable solutions and services depending on your medical practice needs. 

At Health Prime we can help you achieve your practice management goals and guide you to choose the best technology solution that fits your practice better. If you want more information, feel free to email us any question you may have at [email protected]. Set up a meeting with us to discuss how Health Prime can help you get your practice back in its prime. 

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