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4 reasons why you should train your staff to improve your practice

Investing in training your staff is investing in your medical practice. Non-medical staff are the first point of contact for your patients and the core of your practice´s daily processes.

Training your staff can help your practice improve cashflow, reduce errors, enhance patient satisfaction, and develop a great brand image.

Here are four reasons why training your staff is important for your business wellbeing:

1. Increase productivity & performance

Providing new tools and teaching your staff new abilities and processes can help them do their job more efficiently. Due to this, new skills help your employees be more productive, which can bring more profit to your practice.

Training allows you to note each employee´s weaknesses and address them. Therefore, try to find areas of improvement on each department and individual. Provide training on those areas to support your teams and improve your processes.

Staff training in problem-solving can help them develop critical thinking skills, be confident by working independently and make better decisions under pressure. In addition, training in conflict resolution can provide your employees with resources to communicate assertively and effectively deal with conflict.

2. Improve staff retention

Retaining your staff promotes the health and success of your practice. High employee turnover brings multiple problems including high costs, knowledge loss, and low productivity.

Training your staff can help you have engaged employees. As a result of this, your staff can be more interested in their professional growth, reducing errors, providing outstanding patient experience and overall, improve your processes.

Also, patients tend to develop a warm relationship with your staff, particularly, your front desk staff. So, establishing and nurturing these relationships by keeping your staff in your practice is vital.

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3. Enhance patient satisfaction

Medical practices must focus on delivering a great patient experience to deliver better outcomes, provide outstanding health care services and increase patient satisfaction.

Therefore, your staff is essential to improve patient loyalty and satisfaction in your practice. Patients tend to trust and be loyal to a practice whose processes are efficient and communicate with them efficiently. Patients value reduced wait times, ease of scheduling, payment options and more.

If your staff is trained and they help the patients drive their medical experience smoothly, it will enhance patient satisfaction fostering loyal patients and attract new patients.

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4. Reduce / Eliminate government penalties & fines

Training your staff can help you reduce errors in your practice. For example, when your medical staff is properly trained on billing procedures, they are less likely to accidentally upcode.

Another important aspect is if your practice is participating in MIPS, your well-trained staff can handle reporting in compliance with CMS requirements accordingly to avoid any issue.

Providing valuable customized training to your staff, can help them increase accuracy in their work, reduce margin of human errors, reduce and eliminate potential penalties and improve cashflow.

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When training staff it’s important to remember that:

  • Everyone learns differently and at different paces.
  • Cross-train ALL staff members.
  • Hands on development.

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For more information on why you should train your staff to improve the way you run your practice, contact our team of billing experts at Home – Health Prime ( or email us at [email protected]. Our team will set up a meeting to discuss how Health Prime can maximize your revenue by cutting costs, saving you time, and collecting more!

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