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5 Tips on How to Ask for Payments at the Front Desk 

Collecting payments from patients has never been easy. Learn five strategies your front desk can implement to improve how they ask for money, increase revenue, and collect more! 

Your front desk staff is essential to your medical practice. One of their harder tasks is asking for money to collect balance dues. Most people are uncomfortable asking patients to pay their bills.  

Copayments should be collected at the time of service. Collecting these amounts due from patients at the front desk offers numerous benefits to practices such as:

  • Reducing accounts receivable.
  • Increasing revenue.
  • Lowering medical billing & back-end collection costs.  

So, taking a proactive approach to patient collections by starting the payment conversation early on can go a long way. A lack of communication in collecting patient payments can lead to delays in your payments or worse, not even getting paid at all. However, there are some strategies practices can implement at their front desk to improve their patient collections. 

Here are five tips your front desk can use to get prepared and ask for payments: 

1. Know the balance due beforehand

You can’t ask for money or collect payments if you don’t know what you are asking for. Ensure you have valid information, see the benefit details, check if the provider is in or out of network, and more. Have all the information you need to ensure you collect every dollar owed.  

2. Make an allowable spreadsheet

Consider having one spreadsheet available that shows what the allowable amount is per payer for the codes most used by your providers. This way, you can accurately calculate the percentage amount due rather than waiting for an ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) or EOB (Explanation of Benefits).  

3. Review next day’s appointments

Each day look over the following day’s appointments. Make sure you check for any patients who have large balances due. Be ready and have a plan in place for how you will handle it when they arrive.  

4. Offer payment options

Accept cash, checks, credit, and debit cards. These payment options can be used in person or via phone. Some patients prefer to keep a card on file for ease of paying their bills. Also, payment plans can be a viable option for many.  

5. Reduce A/R work later

The better the information from your front desk, the lesser the work on rejections and denials for eligibility and benefits later in the revenue cycle. A great strategy to ask for payments at your front desk can help reduce denials and improve how you collect your payments. 

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At Health Prime, we understand that the front desk is one of the most critical roles in your medical practice. Indeed, they play a massive part in helping your patients understand their plans and enhance processes.  

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your patient collections process, feel free to reach out to us at Our team will set up a meeting to discuss how Health Prime can maximize your revenue by cutting costs, saving you time, and collecting more! 

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