Welcome Kareo Managed Billing Clients!

Welcome to the Health Prime family! On behalf of our management, employees, investors, and partners, we are excited to share with you the Health Prime experience—a unique combination of people, process, and technology that delivers the most superior results in billing, collections, and practice management.

Who’s Health Prime?

Health Prime was founded by physicians for physicians. We aim to free providers and their staff from the constant crush of chasing reimbursements. We have built a specialized organization that can hold its own against the armies of MBA-educated actuaries and we look forward to helping your practice succeed with Health Prime.

We understand that transitioning following an acquisition can be stressful. To ensure this process is as smooth as possible, we’ve created this space for you to learn more about Health Prime, see what our current clients have experienced, and find answers to your most common questions.

What should you expect?

You probably have lots of questions, and we want to provide you with some answers. The best way to get started is to give you an idea of what is staying the same, and some of the exciting changes you can expect in the coming months.

Your KMB Account Manager will continue to be your primary point of contact. Over time, this team will be folded into the broader Health Prime organization. That will allow us to provide consistent training, expectation setting, and performance management so that we ensure you are getting the quality service you deserve.

If your current revenue cycle agreement includes software considerations—pricing bundled into the rate of collections for example—all of this will stay the same. Your current Kareo salesperson will not change and they can continue to help you with add-on modules.

The process for software support will not change either. You can contact Kareo for either need with the following links:

    • You can Contact Kareo by phone at (888) 384-8805, Monday-Friday, from 5:00 AM to 4:00 PM PDT.
    • You can submit a ticket to Kareo’s Support Desk by clicking on the button below

All Health Prime clients receive free licenses for Datalytics, our web-based platform that provides actionable clarity around your billing and collections processes.  This tool will allow your conversations with us to center around a common set of performance data so that we can work together on improving your financial results.

Rest assured that none of this transition will affect your revenue cycle performance. With the help of your Ops Consultant and our analytics dashboard, we’ll be right there with you.

Health Prime is a vibrant, high-powered organization that possesses the tools and personnel to get your reimbursements on your behalf.  Over the coming months, we will be folding in the Kareo Medical Billing staff into our operations centers. By and large this will be out of view to you and your staff, but it may result in personnel changes as we align the combined resources into the best model to serve you.

All clients for KMB will be hosted by Kareo.

How we measure and track your performance.

We pride ourselves not just on execution but on transparency in sharing your results. Depending upon your specialty and current baseline, we generally expect to find areas of opportunity that may improve your billing and collections. Below are some of the most common high-level metrics we follow, and what we aspire to help you beat every day.

Our goal is greater than 90%. This is a measure of how often your claims go all the way through to the payer and receive payment without any rework. Anything below 90% indicates a likely process breakdown (from missing information, for example). The best time to fix these things, of course, is before it is sent to the insurance company.

Less than 10%. You can’t see a patient if they don’t show up! Not only is this a missed opportunity to deliver care, it’s an opportunity cost you pay for not providing that slot for another visit. We look at each provider’s schedule with you to understand what proactive steps might avoid last minute absences and increase your revenues.

Less than 30. This shows how much money is tied up in receivables and represents the working capital that you have to float between incurring expense (at the time of visit) and reimbursement (when the claim is posted). The older it gets, the harder it is to collect, so we track this number very closely to ensure you aren’t left holding the bag.

Less than 50%. It would be great to never have a denial, but when insurance companies are involved, that’s just not realistic. But sometimes those denials are from things your practice controls. We monitor these classifications so that our teams understand the reasons and can intervene with people and processes to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Our business was built on the principles of increasing access to care and helping providers focus on patients. You may already be very efficient in your provider documentation. But if you’re not, this metric shows you the financial impact you could bring to your practice by leveraging some of the newer documentation solutions that keep your doctors from spending their day doing data entry.

What’s exciting about Health Prime?

As part of the Health Prime family, you will get access to some new services and solutions! Here are the solutions that our clients love.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Move beyond the standard “out-of-the-box” revenue cycle management service, with a solution designed by physicians.

Learn about RCM >


Gain more transparency and features to improve your revenue cycle and the financial health of your practice.

Learn about Datalytics >

Practice Optimization

Take your practice to the next level by improving your financial and operational performance.

Learn about Practice Optimization >


Chart the way you want and reduce costs by transcribing directly into EHR templates with expedited services.

Learn about vScribe >

What are our clients are saying.

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