“Health Prime acts like our business is as important to them as it is to us, and that’s vitally important if you’re going to make it in today’s environment.”

Alan Buster, COO

“Bringing Health Prime into my practice was the single best business decision I’ve made in my professional career.”

Dr. Mitchell Gittelman

“I’m thankful we have Health Prime to navigate the waters of reimbursement so that we can stay focused on clinical care as we grow.”

Dr. Anish Shah, M.D. FASN

“Health Prime is there for you so you can take care of your patients. They do billing better than you can do yourself.”

Dr. Sreeni Gangasani

“They’ve made our life so easy. That chronic, persistent insecurity about how much money would be left on the table is all gone.”

Dr. Naresh Parikh

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