“I trust them.  I have faith in them.  I rely on them.  They act like our business is as important to them as it is to us, and that’s vitally important if you’re going to make it in today’s environment.”

– Alan Buster, COO MedStar Southern Maryland

MedStar Southern Maryland

Multi-Specialty  |  122 Providers

“Health Prime has really partnered with us. It’s important knowing you’re not in it alone.”

Located across the rural Maryland countryside, it might seem counterintuitive that MedStar Southern Maryland has been able to double in size over the past four years.  But Alan Buster, Chief Operating Officer for the multi-specialty practice with 21 locations, explains how a patient- and physician-centric culture has enabled that success.

“Physicians went to medical school to see patients, not to sit and type all day.  Entering documentation into an EMR is the number one reason for physician burnout.  Luckily, working with Health Prime has enabled us to provide multiple methods of entering documentation so that doctors can choose what’s best for them.”

Buster credits Health Prime’s vScribe solution as one of the keys to physician productivity, enabling a significant uplift in revenue per provider without sacrificing physician or patient satisfaction.

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“Our doctors finish by 5:30 pm and they’re done,” Buster says.  “They’re seeing two to three more patients per day because their efficiency is so high, their quality scores and financial metrics remain high, and they’re just happier.  Plus, those patients are getting more face time in each encounter and it really makes a difference.”

The relationship with Health Prime goes beyond simple physician productivity solutions, however.  Use of Health Prime’s revenue cycle services enables Buster and his staff to tap into the extensive expertise of his partner to ensure MSMG is paid what they earn.

“I meet with Health Prime every week, and they’re always doing analyses that help us identify new opportunities.  For example, we have some locations open on federal holidays.  There’s a modifier you can use for patients seen under those conditions and the insurance companies will pay you an increased amount.  We were unaware that modifier existed, and Health Prime pointed it out to us and it’s worked really well.”

In addition, Buster gives praise for help in tackling the world of value-based care. “We have talked extensively on the initiatives, from chronic care management to PCMH, and Health Prime monitors all those to make sure we’re getting the most out of our participation. I have forty quality measures that MedStar requires me to track, and for the last 42 months I have never missed a quality indicator.”

“They’re always doing analyses that help us identify new opportunities.”

All of these things have helped MedStar Southern Maryland maintain a profitable and productive practice.  But there’s one last thing Buster would want physicians and billing managers to know when considering Health Prime.

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