“Health Prime is there for you so you can take care of your patients.  They do billing better than you can do yourself.”

-Dr. Sreeni Gangasani

CVG Physicians Group

Cardiology  |  14 Providers

Located just north of Atlanta, Georgia, CVG operated as a private practice for 25 years before they were wooed to join a local hospital.  But when that partnership proved less than ideal, this group of fourteen cardiologists decided to become independent once again—and found itself forced to set up all the office functions they had lost.

“We used to have our own billing office, but when we joined the hospital our staff became part of their billing department,” Dr. Sreeni Gangasani recalls.  “Now we either had to recruit new staff or find a partner that could do as good of a job as we did before by ourselves.”

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After a thorough search, CVG ultimately chose Health Prime based on the recommendation of a colleague.  And now he says there’s no question that was the right choice.

“Our goal is to provide the best quality care to our patients.  Health Prime is so effective, so efficient with everything else, we can concentrate on what we’re good at.  We really like that they are a well-rounded group beyond just billing.”

Dr. Gangasani has no shortage of examples around the practical application of that effectiveness.  “Health Prime sees things that are working with other clients or in other states and points them out to us.  For instance, there is a moderate sedation code that we could have been using for some of our catheterization procedures but weren’t.  They found that out so we could bill for those sorts of things.”  Another story involves how Health Prime helped one of their locations reduce patient no-show rates, a pilot that has proven so successful that CVG is now extending it to their other offices.

Through it all is an unmistakable theme of accountability.  “I used to run our billing department before the hospital merger and had to be very involved to get things done,” he says.  “Now I just have to call.  I don’t need to ask a second time to get an answer or some needed data.  It’s just handled.”  Dr. Gangasani also shares he has regular calls with his operations consultant to cover current performance and point out any possible issues.  “If there’s a problem, you can’t wait too long.  The last thing anybody wants is a surprise six months later because no one was concentrating on billing.  With Health Prime, there are no surprises.”

Ultimately, Dr. Gangasani praises Health Prime with helping CVG to become independent again, making a point to credit their competence and how easy they are to work with.  He says his practice will definitely be using more of their services as they continue to grow.

“Health Prime is a great company to be there for you so you can focus on your patient care.”

“Health Prime is a great company to be there for you so you can focus on your patient care.  They will do the billing better than you can do yourself.”

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