Salisbury, Maryland, Family Practice

Optimizing Practice Success through Health Prime’s Unique Technology, Data and Expertise

For more than two decades, this Maryland-based family practice operated efficiently. But its physician owner wanted better. With technology-powered solutions and services from Health Prime, the practice is enhancing processes, reducing technology costs and optimizing revenue while maintaining the highest levels of service. As a result, it has positioned itself to thrive for decades to come.

Business Critical Needs:
  • Reduce patient no-shows
  • Decrease technology costs
  • Improve process for generating patient statements
  • Optimize revenue through better coding practices
  • Upgrade revenue cycle management
  • Maintain high levels of patient care and service

About the Practice:

  • 21-year-old Salisbury, Maryland, family practice
  • One location
  • One physician
  • Two physician assistants
  • 8,500 patient visits annually
  • Health Prime partner since 2004

Results Delivered by Health Prime:

  • Established effective protocol for patient notification of no-show fees resulting in 50 percent reduction in no-shows (to under 8 percent)
  • Moved to more effective claims submission clearinghouse
  • Streamlined patient statement generation and reduced staff administrative work
  • Improved coding practices
  • Increased year-over-year charges by 11 percent
  • Increased year-over-year payments by 14 percent
  • Increased payment-to-charge ratio by 2 percent
  • Reduced primary insurance accounts receivable over 90 days to 1 percent
  • Seamless transition from former revenue cycle management provider

Health Prime Solutions Used:

Revenue Cycle Management PrimeRevenue

Revenue cycle management (with eligibility verification services) that alleviates administrative burdens and streamlines and transforms complex revenue cycles from end-to-end. The result is increased revenue, reduced costs and enhanced patient experiences.


A comprehensive practice management consultation solution focused on improving the financial and operational performance of health care organizations. HP’s team of physician and health care management experts uses proven, data-driven methodologies to assist with strategic budgeting and growth planning.

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