Making Remote Patient Monitoring Easy-to-Adopt and Profitable in 2022

Free Live Webinar 

WED July 20 @12pm EST  30 minutes

When you hear “Remote Patient Monitoring” you may first think of logistical headaches or wonder if the financial reimbursements are worthwhile. We get it! Health Prime is helping busy practices reap the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring and eliminate admin and clinical staff burden. And, this RPM program pays for itself! Win – win!

In this free webinar, Tina Thomson, RN, MPA, CEM, shares the clinical and financial benefits of remote patient monitoring as well as how Health Prime has developed an easy-to-adopt, profitable Remote Patient Monitoring program.  She will cover:

  • Clinical Benefits of RPM
  • 2022 RPM Financial Reimbursements
  • How to overcome logistical burden with Health Prime RPM


July 20th, 2022 at 12pm EST

About the Speaker

Tina Thomson is Health Prime’s Director of Business Development and Specialty Markets. With a close perspective on patient care, Tina works as a Registered Nurse in Critical Care Modalities. Outside of the hospital, she has over 10 years’ experience advising practices and health systems. Her passion is helping practices leverage technology to improve patient outcomes, lessen physician burden and drive financial sustainability.