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Health Prime participated in a webinar about the critical role of revenue cycle to improve the patient experience

As part of Health Prime´s partnership with The Beryl Institute, TBI released their first financial-focused white paper that led to a webinar called “The Critical Role of Revenue Cycle in Elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare”.

On November 2nd, the webinar The Critical Role of Revenue Cycle in Elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare took place to share the main considerations and takeaways from the investigation about the important role of revenue cycle in the patient experience.

The webinar continued with the participation from expert panelists, including Health Prime´s Director of Business Development & Specialty Markets, Tina Thomson.

Read more about our partnership with TBI on our press release Health Prime Announces Strategic Partnership with The Beryl Institute – Health Prime (

Revenue cycle is critical to experience, is an integral part of the sum of all interactions (interactions that people have in their healthcare encounter) and is central to the definition of experience itself.

Improving the revenue cycle from front to end will decrease the administrative burden for physicians and staff, and it will allow the healthcare teams to focus on what matters the most: patients.

“Focusing on the patient experience can help us innovate the practice, improve the care, look at the overall patient outcome and how they are feeling with the whole process. It allows the patient and the physician to get more of a team approach to their healthcare and a more holistic view of the patient”, Thomson said.

Some of the key takeaways from the webinar were:

  1. Establish and build from a foundation of partnership.
  2. Make the complex system, simple and accessible.
  3. Commit to a focus on advocacy.

Rethink the revenue cycle from the outside in is key, and we must do so with the voices of those who engage in the process every day. This will help practices to have transparency and an aligned approach to best served communities and patients.

Tangible actions to integrate revenue cycle efforts into an experience strategy include reframing revenue cycle teams as financial advocates and engaging the voice of patients and families in opportunities for process improvement.

As stakeholders involved in the revenue cycle, we need to consider how we can integrate optimized workflow processes to drive patient outcomes.

“Even though we are an RCM company, we focus on patient outcomes. We are always working to exceed the expectations of those that we worked with. At the end of the day, physicians want their patients to come back to their practice”, Thomson explained.

Read more about this topic on TBI white paper or on the webinar recording.

Let us help!

At HP, we believe in the importance of educating patients to help them get the information they need. Becoming financial advocate versus being collectors and reframing the revenue cycle mindset is essential to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We provide patient care through our support programs.

Some of our solutions focused on improving the patient experience include our Patient Service Center, in which our bilingual agents can communicate with Spanish speaking patients in their native language, advocate for them with the practice on a patient payment plan or an issue with a particular bill.

Another solution to improve the relationship physician-patient is our transcription solution, vScribe. We offer our providers the luxury of medical charting through our transcription services which uses a digital recording or tick sheet. This way, physicians can spend more time focusing on their patient instead of a laptop or other device during the visit.

If you want to know more about our solutions and how we can help you optimize your Revenue Cycle, ensure you are getting paid for your work and focus on patient experience, contact us at Home – Health Prime ( or email us at [email protected].

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