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American Hospital Association (AHA) released a new strategic plan to respond to the evolving healthcare industry

  • The COVID pandemic forced medical practices to keep up with constant changes while providing an outstanding patient experience.
  • The AHA released a three-year strategic plan to adjust priorities, meet immediate needs to respond to the pandemic and work on long-term strategies to advance health.
  • Some of the pillars from this strategic plan include provide better care and greater value and ensure the financial stability of hospitals and health systems.

There was already pressure on the healthcare system prior to the arrival of COVID, but the virus has put even more pressure on it.

With new adjustments to the way doctors are paid and other changes as a result of the COVID pandemic, hospitals and physicians’ groups are struggling to maintain their operations. Sadly, a lot of them are faced with having to shut down their business because of this difficult economic situation.

In this constantly evolving landscape, the need to keep up with these changes is vital for practices to maintain their businesses while ensuring an outstanding care for their patients.

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In this context, the American Hospital Association (AHA) developed a three-year strategic plan to adjust priorities and focus to meet immediate needs of responding to the pandemic while also continuing to work on long-term strategies to advance health.

This AHA’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan includes five pillars as guidance for the association´s work in order to advance health in the U.S. These objectives are:

  • Provide better care and greater value
  • Ensure the financial stability of hospitals and health systems
  • Enhance public trust and confidence in hospitals and health systems
  • Address workforce challenges: now, near and far
  • Improve the health care consumer experience

The strategy also emphasizes how the healthcare workforce challenges have been exacerbated by the pandemic and how this situation has a leading focus, and it will have it into future years.

According to the AHA, these challenges include resilience and emotional health for the existing workforce and significant labor shortages for many healthcare workforce segments.

The plan also acknowledges that equity and behavioral health cut across each of these goals and that advanced data analytics, leadership and partnerships will be pivotal to achieving success.

To keep up with these chances, medical practices can consider outsourcing some of their services including their medical billing. This can help them get paid faster, reduce overhead expenses, and increase patient satisfaction.

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