At Health Prime we value our relationship with our partners. We are here to support you. Please reach out if you are having problems with your account.


We are here to support you. Feel free to reach out if you are having problems with your account.


Yes, we have certified coders in multiple specialties that can code based on your completed and signed medical records.

Yes, Health Prime has a full credentialing team that can assist you in multiple aspects of the credentialing with any insurance carrier.

Health Prime charges a percentage of collections based on your specific practice, specialty, number of providers, software chosen, visit counts and revenue. We also have a monthly minimum to ensure your account is always staffed and maintained. You would pay the greater of the two in any given month.

Health Prime has been in the Revenue Cycle Management business since 2004.

Health Prime is completely HIPAA compliant. We put our staff through rigorous training each year to ensure compliance is maintained. We also complete compliance audits each year to maintain quality.

You will have access to Health Prime Datalytics and your Operations Consultant will schedule regular meetings with you to review trends, issues, resolutions and more.

We can guarantee that you will continue to have access to all of your claim data and we will assist you with any reporting you need. We have nothing to hide and work with our customers are partners.

Yes, if contract issues present themselves while working denials, rejections or posting payments we will notify you of our findings. We will also meet with you regularly to review denial and rejection trends to help improve workflows, processes, and assist you in streamlining them to reduce these.

We have multiple contacts for your account that are knowledgeable of your specifics and can jump in if needed at any given time.

Add on solution are priced based on how many full-time employees are used to complete tasks on a monthly basis.

Yes, we will work old accounts receivable to help get your account cleaned up so teams can focus on collectible claims. We do have an old AR policy that we can share that tells you how we plan to address all old items in your account.

Yes, your operations consultant and account managers can do this and provide insight during your regular meetings.

We offer an annual coding review of 10 random medical records per provider. This comes with review, analysis and an executive summary/ consult once completed.

Yes, we have a large team of certified coders that are skilled and knowledgeable in multiple specialties and all code sets.

Yes, since Health Prime works with multiple different applications we have many staff who are versed in each and are specific to those applications.

Yes, this is one of our add on solutions that we offer as a Prime Virtual office service.

Yes, we have specialized teams of staff who are devoted to certain claim actions to ensure the best resolution.

No, but we work with a partner that we can refer you to for such services.

Yes we have a patient financial service department that handles patient statements, collections transfers, collection alerts/ notes in accounts so you know what is happening and what to collect if you see the patient, incoming phone billing inquiries and in some systems we can also enter payment via merchant accounts.

Yes, we have staff that specialize in calling payers for multiple different types of reasons. Whether its for claim follow up, credentialing follow up, research, Eligibility, or something else we have bilingual staff to help as well.

Our business development and marketing team can help you with this. We will provide any references we have that suit your locale, specialty, etc. You can email us at

No, we do not offer these, but we have a partner that offers professional consulting services such as contract fee negotiations.

Yes, we have operations consultants and account managers that work with you during regular meetings that work for your busy schedule.