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What is your administrative burden costing you?

Identify the root causes behind your administrative burden and address them can help you relieve your staff to focus on what matters most: patients.

Reducing time spent on administrative tasks is a constant battle for all physicians. The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving and there are more responsibilities to run a medical practice than there were in the past.

However, attempting to balance administrative tasks and providing the best care to patients, can add to physician burnout and reduce patient visits. Leveraging reliable methods to reduce administrative burden can help improve administrative efficiencies, elevate your patient experience, and increase revenue.

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The American Medical Association (AMA) recommends healthcare organizations establish a framework for physicians to identify and address the root causes of their administrative burdens. Identifying and having an action plan to address them can help your medical practice in multiple ways such as:

  1. Mitigate the effects of burnout or prevent it altogether.
  2. Increase revenue.
  3. Optimize your processes.
  4. Improve patient satisfaction.

The complex and ever-changing administrative tasks that physicians take on distracts them from what matters the most. Time spent taking care of payments, filling out forms, appointments and all the paperwork can erode time to see patients or personal time spent with friends, family, or hobbies.

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Consider hiring an experienced outsourced partner

Outsourcing your medical billing specific functions, like billing or coding, can give providers and practice administrators peace of mind on revenue cycle management and reporting. This allows providers and other staff to reclaim time to focus on patient care.

Claims submission and follow up work done by an experienced, outsourced billing company can take a huge weight off your shoulders. It also allows you to concentrate on the clinical aspects of patient care and the overall patients’ experience.

Free your staff and assign them tasks related to quality care. Ultimately, create the patient-centered care environment you are striving to provide to each of your patients. Happy patients that feel they are important to you, your staff and your practice will help you strengthen your business over time.

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If you are ready to relieve your administrative burden and get back to the joys of practicing medicine—and your life, feel free to contact us at Home – Health Prime ( or email us at Set up a meeting with us and discuss how we can help you get back to what matters the most: your health and your patients.

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