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4 strategies to reduce your practice´s administrative burden
Administrative tasks can distract healthcare providers from what matters the most-patients. Implementing strategies can help you reduce your administrative burden for a more efficiently run practice.
ICD-10 Changes coming up this October 1st, 2021
Get a better understanding of the upcoming ICD-10 Coding changes, so you can be ready, prevent delays in your payments and run your medical practice smoothly.
5 reasons to outsource your medical credentialing
Outsourced credentialing services offers a high-tech solution that frees up time for your staff and minimizes errors on your processes.
Health Prime attended the AAPI 39th Annual Convention
The AAPI Annual Convention was a great opportunity for Health Prime to interact with health professionals, share knowledge and understand physician´s struggles in their medical practices.
Relieve administrative burdens to physicians is key in this COVID world
Taking the burden away from medical practices can lower physician’s burnout, increase revenue, and improve patient satisfaction.
How to market your medical practice and improve your business
Get some insights on how to market your medical practice in the digital world so you can improve brand awareness, reach out to more potential patients and expand your business
Reversing the burnout crisis: Helping physicians be physicians again
Burnout has become an epidemic in the healthcare industry. Increased workloads, administrative burdens and the ongoing COVID pandemic has left doctors stressed and exhausted. Partnering with an expert can help relieve this burden.
What’s changing for E/M codes this 2021?
Get a better understanding of the upcoming E/M coding changes, so you can be ready, prevent delays in your payments and run your medical practice smoothly.
Medicare sequester moratorium is extended to help relieve physicians’ payments
Extension of the Medicare sequester moratorium through 2021 will help physicians and providers to continue care for their patients while receiving the reimbursement they deserve.
Improve your back office processes with these best techniques
Review best practices for the back office that can help you optimize reimbursement and improve some of your processes such as collections, contract management, denials, claim follow-up and more.