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Get your medical practice ready for 2022 Part 1: Which End of the Year Reports should I run?
Understand which End of Year (EoY) reports you need to run to identifyareas of improvement, implement best practices, and get your practice ready to succeed.
5 strategies to keep revenue flowing in December and slow months
During the Holidays, some practices might struggle with revenue dips from decreased patient visits. These techniques help keep revenue flowing in your practice.
How to improve patient loyalty to succeed
Medical practices must focus on delivering a great patient experience to deliver better outcomes, provide outstanding health care services and increase patient loyalty.
5 techniques to improve your claim submission
Implement some strategies in your medical practice to submit your claims properly, reduce denials and optimize revenue collection.
Health Prime participated in a webinar about the critical role of revenue cycle to improve the patient experience
As part of Health Prime´s partnership with The Beryl Institute, TBI released their first financial-focused white paper that led to a webinar called “The Critical Role of Revenue Cycle in Elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare”.
5 things you need to consider when changing your EHR
If your current EHR is no longer meeting your needs, you might consider changing it. Finding the EHR that best fits your business is key to running your medical practice effectively while still taking care of your patients.
4 steps to reduce HIPAA breaches within your medical practice
Being HIPAA Compliant is vital for practices. Protect your information and implement reasonable safeguards to prevent violations and avoid sanctions.
Healthcare providers must be aware of future Medicare modifications on the ABN
The Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) will have modifications effective October 14th that healthcare providers need to be aware of to ensure their payments.
4 strategies to reduce your practice´s administrative burden
Administrative tasks can distract healthcare providers from what matters the most-patients. Implementing strategies can help you reduce your administrative burden for a more efficiently run practice.
ICD-10 Changes coming up this October 1st, 2021
Get a better understanding of the upcoming ICD-10 Coding changes, so you can be ready, prevent delays in your payments and run your medical practice smoothly.