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Performance Transparency is the key to success
Ensure performance transparency to improve your medical practice, optimize your processes and implement action plans to succeed.
How to reduce your Days in AR
Implement some techniques in your medical practice to lower your Days in AR (DAR), collect more money and get paid faster.
Improve your medical practice and optimize revenue through benchmarking
Monitor trends on your metrics, check how other medical practices are doing and determine strategies to optimize your business and get paid for your work.
Practice Optimization: How to convert resources into revenue
A holistic approach can help you focus on processes and resources within the medical practice to make sure you deliver a great patient experience ensuring  you are getting paid for your work.
Optimize your medical practice with Health Prime Datalytics
Datalytics is Health Prime’s analytical dashboard that offers timely and actionable insights into key performance metrics on your practice.
Health Prime Datalytics 3.0 is here!
We are excited to announce the newly release of version 3.0 of Health Prime’s powerful revenue cycle management analytics application. Health Prime Datalytics offers timely and actionable insights and full visibility into key performance metrics so you can focus on changes that will have the most impact to your medical practice financial health.
Datalytics Raises the Bar for Medical Billing Analysis
Health Prime’s Datalytics positions itself as the industry leader for comprehensive physician practice revenue cycle business intelligence.
Datalytics: the RCM platform you need to know about
Get to know Datalytics, Health Prime’s RCM and analysis platform that will let you focus on your metrics to determine areas of improvement on your medical practice and monitor its overall health.
Why is a good Business Intelligence platform key to running your medical practice?
Learn how a good Business Intelligence solution should provide you with a robust analytics tool, a drill down capability to dive deep into your KPIs, and the correct resources on your account to work along with the BI platform.
One More Patient per Day and the Benefits for your medical practice
Revenue per visit is flat or decreasing. Costs are escalating. Seeing one more patient per day can help solve these problems. This article provides valuable insight into implementing a Plus 1 Strategy.